mobile responsive website with membership system

Sarah's Fit For Life

Membership Website with Paypal

Built from scratch website based on Sarah's requirements for an easy to update  reccuring payment processing membership website. Fully responsive and built on the Concrete 5 CMS platform. We developed a branded look based on her starting point: her new logo. We managed all  initial content additions and production with image editing & optimizations. This is an ongoing project with periodical  organically created SEO mini-campaigns. Our efforts have Sarah's site sitting top of page 2 of google  organic search results (on desktop) for her desired niche "bootcamp fitness brampton" , a popular search term that returns about 67,000 results ! This is from a purely organic result, not paid for advertising.

Furthermore, check out this one promo video we developed and produced in order to advertise a specific service. It was submitted to youtube with good SEO tags, descriptions and keywords. It gained up to 7k views in a few short months, and after a year still shows in the top 30 of  84,300 video results for its targeted key-phrase "anti wrinkle injections". The call to action at the end funnels visitors to her website. Video marketing like this can really get you noticed!